Saturday, July 2, 2011

Give Away......

Okay it is my Birthday month and to celebrate I want to give away something for free. stuff.

So up for grabs is this wonderful hemp bracelet and necklace set.

The hemp used to make this set is super soft Romanian hemp. 2 pink Dione glass beads and a pink flower lampwork focal pendant makes up the necklace. The bracelet consists of three pink Dione glass beads....Super Cute for Summer!!!!!!!

The only 3 requirements to enter the giveaway is to like my facebook page (which is follow this blog, then finally comment on this post saying why you would want this beautiful set ....It's that simple.

I will end the contest on 12:00 am EST July 30th which is my B-day. I will contact the winner to get an address so you can receive your gift.

Good luck...thanks for participating~!!!!!!!!



  1. What a delightful idea! I feel like I am cheating as I already follow you on FB and here because I really like you and your work.
    Why would I want this beautiful set? well because I like you and your work. =) It is lovely and I would be proud to sport it around town =) In case I forget, Happy Birthday! Celebrate every day as if it is your birthday, I do, which is why I am overweight, from eating all of the ice cream lol. Thank you.

  2. I love your handiwork. Finally liked your page today when I thought I had months ago! Having a giveaway to mark your birthday is a lovely idea. My birthday is in October. I'll have to consider doing this!

    Oh, and I'd love to have these items because I adore your jewelry. At this moment, I have your hemp with the blue crystals about my ankle right now! You were right. Wore it through the shower (accidentally) today and it is a bit softer.

    Hugs, gf.

  3. The combination of hemp and the delicate pink beads is very appealing! I especially love the pink floral lampwork bead and have a pale pink summer sundress to show off this lovely pair.

    You are very generous to offer these pretties as a give-a-way to celebrate your birthday! Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

    Happy Birthday Month
    xoxo, Lynne

  4. as one who shares the month of july as my birth month with you i would be glad to own such a beautiful set

  5. Ooooo.... I wanna win!!!

    *crossing fingers* xoxoxoxo :)

  6. Happy birthday month, Mary! I thought I was an innovator with my "birthday week", but I bow to the master! ;) Liked, followed, commented and love your beautiful hemp jewelry ... ;)

  7. I love pink...I love the combination of the pink glass beads with the hemp color and your design for this set is beautiful! So I liked you page, am following your blog, and commenting here!!

  8. First the set looks lovely . It is very different from what I make myself. It appears to be very well made. Pink is a very feminine color and this set would be something that I would treasury forever.
    You been liked, followed and I am very glad that you gave me this wonderful opportunity to do so.

    Thank you ,

  9. Great idea about the giveaway, Mary.

    I absolutely love the use of hemp for anything, so kudos for it being made with hemp!!! The pink Dione glass beads and flower are super cute and definitely right for summer!

    Stephanie Rountree
    EdenSong Essentials

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  11. Wonderful concept !
    Great idea!

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Month!!
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hemp bracelet and necklace set!! It really needs to find a home here in Portland!!


  13. Hello. Blog and FB giveaways are always Fun.

    Hello From the BejeweledFaerie.

  14. The reason I want to win? It is simple really...You do such gorgeous work and make such gorgeous jewerly..I would be absolutely positively crazy not to want to be seen with your jewerly on...

    Good luck to all...

  15. Hey Mary! I all ready like you on facebook and I follow your blog. I just love your work; the pieces I have from you are well made and so pretty. I'd love to add this set to my collection. :)

    Mineral Love Cosmetics

  16. "Like" your FB page, following you, AND COMMENTING! That is sooo C-ute!

  17. Getting ready to choose the winner in the next hour or so!!!